Oak Lodge School, Barnet: Contact Details and List

Contact Details

All listed contacts can be reached at the school's postal address, telephone and email details below:

Postal Address:




Oak Lodge School, Heath View, LONDON, N2 0QY

0208 444 6711

0208 444 6468


Contact List

Chair of Local Governing Body Siobhan Fairclough
Headteacher Lynda Walker
Office Manager for all initial enquiries Michèle Hall
Finance Manager Samia Nelson
School Business Manager Annie Dobbin
Deputy Headteacher Ian Kingham
Assistant Headteacher (Additional Needs) Teresa Ellis
Assistant Headteacher (Autism) Ginny D'Odorico
Head of Middle School Natalie Henry
Head of Upper School Charlotte Charlesworth
Head of Post-16 Department Esther Pearsall
Head of Oak Bridge Post-19 Provision Simon Clark
Pastoral Manager Brenda Barker
Medical Room Supervisor Parween Choudhury
Annual Review Coordinator Sally McCreight
Examination Officer Karen Lawrence
School Caretaker Kevin Bennison
IT Network Manager Gayan Fernando
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